Opportunities for Students

TMTA supports and hosts events throughout the year that allow students to showcase and/or increase their talent. These events include:

We encourage students to participate!

Adventures in Music (AIM) Festival

AIM—Achievement in Music
Indiana Music Teachers Association

The AIM Festival presents a unique opportunity for the students. It is a noncompetitive event that allows almost any child to participate. Students receive feedback from several different evaluators. Along with theory examinations, students receive written comments in the areas of keyboard performance. The evaluation scale (excellent, good, satisfactory, or needs work) places focus both on positive support and precise constructive criticism. This event provides reinforcement to the student for the essential study of comprehensive musicianship.

There are twelve levels in the AIM program and students can be entered at the level in which they currently are working. The several areas of the AIM program include aural and written theory, repertoire, technique, keyboard skills, and sight playing

Students of current IMTA members and non-members are eligible to enter the AIM program. A required $75 yearly fee entitles the non-member teacher to enter any number of students.

Hoosier Auditions
MTNA District C Auditions

The Hoosier Auditions provide students with an opportunity to perform solos or duets in a competitive setting and receive a written evaluation.

There are two rounds of Hoosier Auditions--the District in March and the State in May. Students enter a level based on age as of March 1. Pre-Early Elementary (ages 5-6) District only, Early Elementary (ages 7-9), Elementary (ages 10-11), Middle (ages 12-13), Junior (ages 14-15), Senior (ages 16-18), and Collegiate Undergraduate (ages 18-22).

Students of current IMTA members and non-members who reside in Indiana are eligible to enter. Non-members are required to pay a one-time fee of $75 each year.

See state handbook for contact information.

Monster Concert

The Monster Concert is a non-competitive event, for piano students from grades 3 through adult ages. The concert is held biennially at the long Center for the Performing Arts. Ten grand pianos are on stage and duets and trios are played simultaneously by 200 or more fingers. The next concert will be in June, 2017.

The Monster Concert encourages active participation in music practice and performance. Over 150 students and their families spend months in learning and preparation for the concert, including numerous rehearsals. They learn how to follow a conductor and how to be an ensemble player. They also have the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing in a full-length program in a large concert hall.

The Monster Concert is for students of TMTA members only.

Sunday showcase recital series

This event, held in October, November, February and April, offers the opportunity for students to perform a piece in a non-competitive atmosphere amongst their peers. The recitals are held at the West Lafayette Public Library and the public is invited to attend.

Sunday Showcase Recitals are for students of TMTA members only.

Sonatina-Sonata Festival

This Festival gives piano students an opportunity to play one movement of a Sonatina or Sonata for a written evaluation and receive a certificate and ribbon. Students with the highest scores who play for memory will perform on an Honors Recital the following day.

The Sonatina-Sonata Festival is for students of TMTA members only.